Witty Rhymes

In church, the topic of the discussion
Is always what you mustn’t

Out of shape my nose is bent
Nothing makes sense
The geniuses cannot pay rent
The world is lead by the dense

A person who speaks to well
Has one foot already in hell
For what can not he get
With this ever so quick wit

There is no difference between high and low
Said the shivering on mountaintop of snow

I can get along with just anyone fine
As he turned and above 96th street did decline

Everyone should have equal access
As he typed the code into his home’s gated access

I want everyone to have an equal chance to be in an Ivy
As he sent his kids to a private school out of county

The world would be better without capitalism
He said as checked Bali’s center for tourism

We must do something about white advantage
Said the white man from his office with a great city vantage

I think profit is awful for society
He said as he signed his book at the book signing

I do not want anyone to be poor
As he walked past a man on the floor

I would do anything for anyone
As his accountant marked charity none

I would really like to help the globe
As he sat in filth in a dirty robe

The monk said he was beyond material things
He merely wanted to change the world like kings

No one is better than anyone else
he thought of how holy that was of himself

You cannot judge a book by the cover
He was lucky his wife did not judge the husband by the lover

The man wanted to save the climate
As he climbed into his jet private

Down with big business
After eating a Big Mac delicious

A man should always have permission
As he spoke to his secretary through intermission

A very great logician
Is indistinguishable from a bad magician

make sure all are equally represented, said the President
thinking, except for the current chief in resident

I would do to bring more minorities in
So long as with me leaving it doesn’t begin

Everyone must get a trophy for playing
said the man who wanted his own trophy for saying

There is a battle between left and right
The middle catch blows from both sides of the fight

The man really watched he said nothing offensive
To which some people felt extremely offended

The man never made a joke that would hurt feelings
His humorlessness hurt many feelings

There is this thing called cultural appropriation
Latin and French said to stop the term’s propagation

If religion was the opium
The people’s cocaine is from the opprobrium

I believe everything a woman says, I want that to be known
Said the man as he checked his wife’s phone

I think it is important to see all of world
As he stayed in his hotel and a room service menu twirled

Everyone a home should own
As he determined whether the land for rent was zoned

The president should be ousted for being a liar
Said the journalist with his pants afire

How can the president’s lies be permitted!
Said the journalist as the full truth he omitted
And then submitted

Make sure the wealth is spread about
He said from his second house

In the future socialism shall onset
Of course so will death

You place the bet that God is dead,
Without thought, just on what you heard said?
Not certain if the Lord is on deathbed,
But check that thing inside your head…

There are many people who are silly
And they live more in cities than where it’s hilly

Tell me something a dog don’t know
I said a dog don’t know that it don’t know

Up in the sky flew Nature’s birds
Through the mind flew Poet’s words
Through the body flew Man’s turds
Beauty and filth a problem for nerds

I never can think straight
Said the gay man addlepate

The genius thinks very little, see
the shortest point between A and B

All the world is made of hunches
How else the success of brunches?
Such a terrible time to dine is not planned
But why not try it, those hours undermanned

I shall tell her that I adore her
But more important that to love me too is an order

It is not too bad to be king
Sure, you must watch for the sword’s swing
But someone will always answers the phone when it ring

It’s very nice to sleep in
Losing never felt so much like a win

I like to be exact with my sins you wretch
A masterpiece of vice not a sketch

They say God has been killed
As if such may be willed!
The causeless can’t be executed,
Silence cannot be muted.
It seems like the idea of someone very stupid;
Ignorance lusts Narcissism, arranged by Cupid