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Patch of Prayer 

The godless

walked through a

patch of


And even a skyscraper

moves a

little in the wind

against its



Natures of God 

the flitless, solid thorough! 

the flashing, rockness, 


and burrough 

blotless, thingless, weightless, 

love-stuffed, bliss crammed, stateless!

just here, 


veiled, light sheen, 

angel sprawling, shaking hell- 

infinite speed, patient swell, 

widthless, wide most, 


clearest, hidden, christ 

and buddha 


then church-bell gongs! 

whispered prayers 

to bellowed songs!  

ripple absent, so still and waved, 

mountain peaked and quiet caved; 

gloom robbed, gravid blessed; 

sheathless, throbbed; 

billow, pressed, 

death dead, make-saint 

genius rimrocked, 

reason faint;

logic’s sharp, mind’s blunt;

the prey 

and the hunt 

Ave Maria 

Stave off the crashing worlds of sorrow, 


Clench me close-tight in every midnight and morrow. 

When upon the uneven darkness and wicked I stumble, 

Lord Lady

Velvet me as on that down-ness I tumble. 

If hell hails, then haunts my will to brittle, 


Do not untend me, in your breast be my committal.

If when seeking my work in this realm of compete, 

My Grail, 

Help me complete my orders while supine at His feet. 

And in decade and day that my flesh pour to the grave,

Lordess Virgin, 

Keep Your promise, and make me pure brave: 


Stay with me in that graying, colding dead place, 

Oh Maria! 

And unveil Yourself, love me, reveal me Thy grace!

Starfish Life 


That rived bone, the plummeted bomb, 

The flesh that you adored so dear, 

The comrade and confidant to earth gone, 

The wrecked mind, the goal gaunt year. 

The spasm and twinge of absented love, 

The fretful scramble to gorge the bank, 

The glances for lightning from Above, 

The jostling for a surpassing rank. 

Oh! how all items are so serious! 

Existence a carcinogen, a hurricane of tumors! 

You really should be exquisitely delirious, 

If you could only get God’s sense of humor! 

There are no tragedies, no despair’d black

A broken life, is but a broken nail 

Everything simply, repeatedly grows back

And once again, you are whole and hale. 

Autumn, or Eternal Lawless 

Autumnal purple-ashen wisps among the moon peeping, peaked-black sky.

The joyous weeping wind, reaping the last heat of a summer just by,

Cools itself and rumble-swirls with the company of the breaking world!

Warmth and tree-bits fill its sweeping void as ocean’s gravel curl-

These leaves, like the manifold scaling-shades of man,

Each year are dumbfounded by the Deity’s degringolade plan:

Gadabout grimly through the turning, dry air:

Grumble-crinkle as they spiral to the ground in despair-

And the human souls therein this un-inside-

Watch the transfiguration and likewise their thereins upon nature ride:

And a sadness whelms them as the collapsing parade of another season fade:

Yet, if wise, also evinced by the earth’s ellipse: that by time they are not made: 

       For though their flesh fall like Falls, 

       The I which sees through the eyes never stalls –

And that they may know. 

So all our falls are fallacious, for we were fashioned a forever-flawless:

The dervish sphere may, for law, spin asunder yet we are eternal lawless!

Total Tilt (or Ever Rise!) 

me spotted tertialed, covert speckled spec that slow lap the sapphire sweep,

wow! this flighted-crucifix through blue though not blue bare

yawing striped tail, whip fro to, too-too steady in the vast slips of clear

Pinions faintly tip, your total tilt, to round you round some rondure unseen.

scurried thing search? no, not this light – uptucked grapplers!

and your eyes aloft, toward the apogee of the tentless!

you, eagle, know me, are me, though me plumped to this flat this.

but we wait, we patient, circle realms, eyes both toward the ever up

we live not for life, but for some Invisible we know not of, yet aching sense