Brain Dump: Return to the Center? Thoughts on Virginia Race of 2021

The conservative message is so much better without Trump. Trump’s popularity I think in large part was a consequence of the YouTube conservative movement, which is the frontline battling far left ideas.

Many people tolerated  Trump because YouTube conservatism showed people that conservativism was far more than the caricature made of it in Hollywood and academia – and to be honest, far more than the caricature Trump made of it.

More yet, with Trump gone, many independents (myself included) who couldn’t vote for Trump will feel quite alright voting for other Republicans (if I lived in VA I would vote for the Republican with few qualms).

Trump deserves some credit of course as he made people not interested in politics tune in – but when they tuned in to him they also found a ton of good and robust conservative content. (Trump also did have a certain comedic timing, was willing to play rough, and spoke often in the very simple terms of winning and losing, almost like a high school football coach – never underestimate the power of speaking of winning and losing to a hyper-competitive, sports obsessed nation like America.) 

The media lies about conservatives also made it easier to see through the leftwing tactic of making conservatives into chimeras. The way Jussie Smollet, Nick Sandman, certain police shootings were covered, among other events, made people look elsewhere to find out what was truly going on – they often found conservative media on YouTube. And naturally, when the media caught onto this movement of people into conservative YouTube and labelled people like Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson and others as “alt-right”  and racist – well, for many listeners, who had spent literally a hundred hours with listening to Shapiro and others, the media became more of a joke.  These conservatives clearly were not alt-right or racist – even if you do not like them, an honest person cannot possibly claim they are those things. 

I truly never understood why the media exaggerated and lied about Trump’s awfulness when straight reporting on Trump would have revealed his character well enough. You see, if you lie about a liar, people only have the choice of picking between two liars and they will always pick the liar that aligns with them politically. (That is also why FoxNews can make one cringe too – the lies of omission and the bias on some Fox shows can be as astounding as it is on CNN).

I want to stress once more that people being exposed to YouTube conservatism is why the charges of racism against the right just don’t stick very well. You can watch hours of conservative talk shows – and another than people like Crowder – you won’t find much if any racism. Of course, the far left finds racism in all mainstream conservatism, but they also find racism in math problems and being on time – so who really cares what they think. Though, I must take that back: you do have to pay attention to the far left and push back against them, for while they are unserious people, they have serious power – and they are a serious threat. But isn’t it ironic, that the far left is obsessed with systemic racism as they try to insert racism into every system in America? If you want projection shot directly into your veins, just watch the far left talk about racism. And listen, it’s not that there aren’t racists on the right, there are – and it’s the right’s job to push back against the monsters on their own side (I condemn it every time I see it). But the threat of ‘white supremacy’ is overblown and hysterical. It’s also a horrendous slur against individual conservatives and against America in 2021.

To anyone on the left reading this, it’s not that conservatives don’t believe racism exists – clearly the rightwing understands racism exists. That is a terrible thing to think. The right has just kept the sane and true definition of racism. Also, what a horrible thing to say of people, which the left has been doing, that to not wish to see critical race theory taught in schools is the same as not wanting children to be taught about slavery and Jim Crow? What an crazy lie, what a big lie.

Another big lie, is that critical race theory isn’t being taught in schools? Of course it is. Sure, it’s some activist’s dumbed down (though just as pernicious) understanding of academic critical race theory, but it’s obviously taught to children.

And yes, the rightwing understands that some parts of some systems need tweaked, reworked, and perhaps completely redesigned. But notice how I said parts of a system, not the entire system. And the fixes needed are usually minor parts of the system, or at times, one key part of a system. But sane people recognize, America is mostly a good and well-functioning country. The police as well 0 they are mostly good  and certainly keep us safe.

In most problem areas in America, slight changes are mostly necessary, not sweeping changes. This is where sane people on the right and left come together and work things out. 

I must say the VA election seemed like a return to normality in fact. Though a conservative won, clearly many in VA and NJ have seen enough of the far left and Trumpism (don’t forget, Republicans did well in 2020 even if Trump did not). It seems that a majority of Americans are finally saying, “Let’s fix the pockets of racism that exist but drop the systemic racism – that’s insane. Let’s fix the areas police are actually doing poorly and not defund the whole enterprise. Let’s bring back forgiveness and cancel cancellations. Let’s talk about responsible social safety nets and end this crazy talk of universal income and other socialist policies. Let’s treat each other as individuals and also point out areas some people may be disadvantaged because of color (including Asian students). Let’s have serious discussions about the US military and it’s role overseas. Etc.”

Again, one could say, hopefully the vote last night means we moved back toward the center, toward sanity. I know that seems like a shift from the tone of this article as I praised the conservative movement, but the center is large enough to entertain sane ideas from both sides. I wasn’t praising conservativism as much as sanity above. This election seemed like a mostly sane version of conservatism.

The political race in VA especially was a mostly noble race by the right. The leftwing resorted to their awful racist tactics (the Democratic nominee accused the Republican of being a racist repeatedly). The right from what I saw, did nothing of the sort.

So the center most be defended. Again, the center is the home of reality based thinking. The center can lean right, the center can lean left. The center is agile and principled. The center can encompass certain spiritual ideals and secular humanism. It can weight evidence and science. It can look at facts and data and then make informed decisions. It can entertain a difference of opinion. It can take corrective measures in measured sane and rational steps – these small steps allow a correction back to the old way if the new way is failing. The center is patriotic, the center can see the nation’s flaws. The center can see America has done and is far more good than bad. The center is also trying to improve. The center is for progress and for conserving the system. The center is not boring, the center does not lack a narrative. The center is in a constantly battle, fighting all fringe forces from all directions at all times. 


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